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Postcards to date

Welcome (July 2018)
The obstacle is the path (August 2018)
Who by water (September 2018)
All the lonely people (October 2018)
What are we becoming? (November 2018)
Civility is optimism (December 2018)
Being one self (January 2019)
A sense of belonging (February 2019)
Interbeing and tikkun nefesh (March 2019)
We know their fate because we share it (April 2019)
Ansel Adams, Jeff Koons and Us (May 2019)
A Bizarre Ritual and the Toxic Effects of Ranking (June 2019)
For deeper insights, stop thinking (August 2019)
Recent events at MIT, forgiveness, and hope (September 2019)
Three anxiety factors and how to reduce them (October 2019)
Liberty beyond our hopes (December 2019)
Life without stories and symbols (January 2020)
The third way: why machines won't replace us (February 2020)
A time to remember. But what? (March 2020)
Finding optimism in bad times (April 2020)
Swimming together (May 2020)
A chance to reset, ourselves and our country (June 2020)
How to spend your time? The De Pomiane Ratio (July 2020)
Predicting the future is bad for you (August 2020)
A time for new promises (September 2020)
Toxic ideas: how our core values may be our worst enemy (October 2020)
What I learned from Kay Redfield Jamison (November 2020)
Can your past inspire your future? (December 2020)
Who are your mentors? (January 2021)
Small steps to big things (February 2021)
Do you live a divided life? (March 2021)
What apple trees can teach us about social justice (May 2021)
Thinking of yourself as a producer (June 2021)
The happiness gap and how to shrink it (July 2021)
An antidote to running out of time (September 2021)
Lessons of 2021, from Bernie (December 2021)
When small things matter (February 2022)
Words that lead to war (March 2022)
Your intelligence has crystallized, and other consolations (May 2022)
The stench of moral certainty (July 2022)
How pickles on sticks can save civilization (September 2022)
What the bots can teach us (January 2023)
In the garden of good and evil (April 2023)

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